MARK is the newest beer from Herslev Bryghus. Developed and brewed at our farm brewery in the village of Herslev on the Danish island of Zealand, it uses the best of the local ingredients from our terroir. We call it wild and sour – wild ideas and sour beer that together merge into a distinctive yet wonderful taste.

MARK Hø is brewed without hops, and only using ingredients from our own fields – organic barley, hay and thistles from the fields, fruits from the brewery garden and water from the local spring. Fermented using wild airborne yeasts that occur naturally around in the area, MARK Hø has a characteristic fresh and sour taste that creates a fine balance between the barley , sweetness and alcohol.

MARK Hø is the cornerstone of our new MARK series. All MARK beers are brewed in a process of wild spontaneous fermentation mostly using hay from our own fallow fields. Some MARK beers add Mirabelle plums, cherries or apples, while others use locally sourced hemp or thistles instead of hay in the fermentation process. Using local ingredients in this way supports our ecological and sustainable approach to brewing.

MARK Tidsel fra Herslev Bryghus


Mark Hø fra Herslev Bryghus
Hø – 4,9% (hay)

MARK Hø is the original MARK beer, brewed exclusively from local ingredients found around Herslev Bryghus. It is fermented wild using hay, which gives a sour and fruity taste with no bitterness. Aromas of sweet hay, rhubarb and fresh fruit, with a distinctive taste somewhere between beer, cider and wine.

Serving: MARK Hø should be served cold as an aperitif or to accompany fish, seafood and salads.

Mark Fadlagret fra Herslev Bryghus
Fadlagret – 11% (cask-aged)

MARK Fadlagret is brewed using local ingredients sourced from the village of Herslev and fermented wild using hay from the fields around the brewery. It is aged in port casks for a wine-like, fresh and acidic taste with distinct tannin tones. A powerful beer with a smooth and full body that disguises its 11% alcohol content.

Serving: MARK Fadlagret goes beautifully with oily fish and fried or grilled poultry.

Kirsebær 5,7 % (cherry)

MARK Kirsebær is a variant of MARK Hø, using local cherries. It has an elegant finish with a good balance between its sour and sweet notes. Brewed using water from the local spring, and barley and hay from the fields around the brewery, it has none of the bitterness of hops but is fermented wild using hay before the cherries are added.

Serving: MARK Kirsbær is a perfect aperitif and goes well with desserts.

MARK Hamp fra Herslev Bryghus
Hamp – 6,5% (hemp)

MARK Hamp is brewed in a process of wild fermentation using fresh hemp from a neighbouring farm, our own organic malt and water from the local spring. This is a beer with a full body and taste that combines sweetness in perfect harmony with the sourness from the wild fermentation and bitterness from the hemp.

Serving: MARK Hamp has a full-body taste that makes it a wonderful companion to rich dishes.

MARK Æble fra Herslev Bryghus
Æble – 3,7% (apple)

MARK Æble is a variant of the MARK Hø beer, brewed using hay, water and our own organic malt with the addition of freshly-pressed Discovery, Katja Balsgård and Filippa apple juice from the local apple orchard. A light, fresh and sour beer with a 3.7% alcohol percent that makes it the perfect thirst quencher.

Serving: MARK Æble is crisp, light, highly drinkable and perfect as an aperitif.

Mark Mirabelle fra Herslev Bryghus
Mirabelle – 3%

MARK Mirabelle er brygget med hø fra Herslev Bryghus’ egne marker og mirabeller og mirabelleblomster fra vores egen have. Den er lagret på fade med frugten, og er en frisk, let øl med en sød undertone fra mirabellerne. En let drikkelig øl med lav alkoholprocent.

Anvendelse MARK Mirabelle er god som aperitif eller som tørstslukker i godt selskab.

MARK brew from Herslev Brewhouse


Organic barley, organic beer

At Herslev Bryghus, our philosophy is quite simple. We make the sort of beers we like to drink ourselves using natural ingredients found in our local area.

We grow our own organic barley that we use in all our beers. And we also support the farm’s ecological lifecycle by using hay and thistles from the fallow fields, Mirabelle plums from the brewery garden and wild plums from the hedgerows. Using ingredients from the countryside around Herslev characterises the MARK series, which in Danish means field.

The tastes, such as rosehips, hay or honey, are also found locally, and wherever possible they are organic. However, although we’re firm believers in ecology and sustainability, given the choice, we’d choose local ingredients over organic if it meant the ingredients needed to be transported from afar.

Fine beer is a craft and at Herslev Bryghus we put love and care into each and every bottle. This starts when we select the barley in the fields and carries on throughout the brewing and bottling process right to the final delivery to the customer. Our attention to detail is how we can be sure that all beer from Herslev Bryghus has the quality and taste it is renowned for.

All Herslev Bryghus beers go well with meals and on the back of the label, you can find out which dishes go best with each particular beer. However, a rule of thumb is that lighter beers go well with lighter dishes while darker beers work well with richer dishes. But at the end of the day, it always makes most sense to drink the beer you like best.

About Herslev Bryghus

Herslev Bryghus from above

Herslev Bryghus is a farm brewery located in the picturesque village of Herslev close to Roskilde fjord in the heart of the Skjoldungernes Land national park.

In this beautiful corner of Denmark, we brew a wide range of beer in accordance with organic regulations and always using high quality, and sometimes unusual, ingredients from our local area. We regularly develop new beers using what Mother Nature has to offer – apples in the autumn, fir trees during winter and asparagus in the spring.

In addition to our MARK series, we also brew different ranges including lagers, wheat beers, IPAs and Barley Wines. 

Our customers are primarily in Denmark but as interest grows in sustainable brewing, foraging for local ingredients and Nordic cuisine, we are experiencing a great interest in our beers and brewing methods from all over the world.

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